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How to choose theme for PrestaShop?

As we mentioned before, they are many free themes for PrestaShop which is great, however if you plan to do more professional and serious online business, you will need a professional good looking themes for PrestaShop.


When you are looking for PrestaShop themes, it’s important to know what to look for. Most PrestaShop themes are made by enthusiasts or students, so picking a professional theme for PrestaShop is sometimes hard. You can hire a freelancer or a company to make you custom theme for your PrestaShop needs, however this will cost you much more than an already made themes.


So here is what to look for when you choose your PrestaShop theme:

Look who is the developer?

Look how the developer of your theme, check if they are trustworthy and serious.


How many products do they have?

If they have too many, they may sacrifice quality of their themes.


What are they terms of use and license terms?

Some of the developers of those PrestaShop themes limit their use in their terms of use, so be careful to read them before you buy.


Do they have support?

It’s very important to have support if something goes wrong with your theme.


What other customers say about them?

Check and look for other customers opinions for their PrestaShop themes.


Do they update their themes often?

PrestaShop releases updates frequently so you want your theme to be updated when new version comes out. Recently PrestaShop releases their 1.4.x.x version and soon version 1.5.x will come out, so you need to check if your chosen theme for PrestaShop is compatible with these versions.


Do they hardcode code?

It’s important how the theme is made, many developers hardcode their themes to protect them from frauds, so you will have problem with modifying or customizing your theme for PrestaShop. Don't be afraid to send questions to this developers and ask them if they hardcode or protect their code in some ways.


Is your theme for PrestaShop cross browser compatible?

With so many browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and more, its important your theme for PrestaShop to work and look good on all of them, it’s best to test it yourself and see how it’s looking on all those major browser to see if the theme for PrestaShop is compatible with them.


Do they provide Photoshop sources?

Most of the themes for PrestaShop are made in two steps, first in Photoshop and second is programming, if you have Photoshop source files for you theme for PrestaShop it will be easy for you to customize the look of your theme.


Do they provide manuals and instructions?

The cons of using free themes are lack of support, instructions or how-to so you can get into trouble pretty fast.


With so many things to look for it’s not easy task to choose a theme for PrestaShop. Our professional DreamTheme team is dedicated to answer to all those criteria. We care for our customers and we try to make the best themes for PrestaShop out there with the highest quality possible. We make video instructions and detailed user's manual so our customer can setup their themes as soon as possible.

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