PrestaShop is almost ready, Here’s What’s New

Couple of days ago PrestaShop announced that version is in “release candidate” state and it will give it around one week of final testing before make it official release.

According to the PrestaShop they have managed to fix over 700 merged pull requests and this is their biggest update for PrestaShop 1.7 so far.

So lets dive into what’s new in this version of PrestaShop

SEO optimization for combination products:

All combinations now have the parent product’s URL as canonical, Going to the parent product’s URL displays the default combination, there is no redirection anymore

Front Office improvements

  • Improved Catalog mode: for showcase websites, you can now choose to display or to hide product prices on the website Price & taxes project for a better and clearer display of the order price details (product, shipping, taxes, etc.) on all steps of the checkout :
  • Bug fixes for B2B, specific customer groups and no tax configurations
  • Front office improvements on add to cart pop up, cart price details, order confirmation

Pop up cart improvements

  • Many front office design bugs have been fixed and some integration improvements have been made:
  • Footer : fix bug on contact email when it is too long
  • Products : Improve “web only” label display
  • Fix image dimensions in Product Card view
  • Checkout : Limit carrier image size on all steps of the checkout for a better display

Back office new features and optimizations

  • In order to gather all prices in the same place, a “Price (tax incl.)” column has been added to your products list. In one glance, you can now get both tax included and excluded prices for each of your products
  • The Design section of your back office has been redesigned. Now you are able to have an overview of all design features (RTL, logos, favicon and theme) and manage them the way you want. Improved employee profile menu in the back office
  • Five new tabs added: Resources, Training, Find an expert, PrestaShop Marketplace and Help center
  • Your avatar image is now displayed Several back office design issues have been fixed or improved:
  • Fix quantity placeholder issue in the Stock management listing
  • Improved mobile display in the back office Several helper cards have been added on specific pages of the back office to help new merchants get a quicker onboarding on PrestaShop

Other improvements

New “modern” template design and wording for all transactional emails along with a new email template generation system and a new back office page dedicated to email management (in Design > Email theme)

New & improved core modules

Faceted search: The module has been massively refactored and new features have been added, including the awaited price slider on the website (available after the beta) Customer reviews with rich snippets: new module available for 1.7.6 (available after the beta) Image Slider module improved for a better display on all devices

Symfony Migration – new pages

Catalog > Categories
Catalog > Categories > Add new / edit category
Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Brands > Add new brand
Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Suppliers (will be hidden)
Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Brands
Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Brands > Add new brand address
Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Brands > View brand
International > Localization > Currencies
International > Localization > Currencies > Add new / edit currency
International > Localization > Languages
International > Localization > Languages > Add new / edit language
International > Taxes > Taxes
International > Taxes > Taxes > Add new / edit tax
Design > Theme & Logo
Design > Theme & Logo > Add new theme
Design > Theme & Logo > Choose layouts
Design > Pages
Design > Pages > Add new / edit page
Design > Pages > Add new / edit page category
Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees
Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees > Profiles
Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees > Profiles > Add new profile
Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees > Add new employee
Advanced Parameters > Webservice > Add new webservice key
Shop parameters >Traffic & SEO > SEO & URL > Add new / edit page
Shop parameters > Contact > Contacts
Shop parameters > Contact > Contacts > Add new / edit contact
Customers > Customers
Customers > Customers > Add new / edit customer
Customers > Customers > View customer

Full change logs can be found here.

Our team is already working on to implement the PrestaShop changes to our PrestaShop themes as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

Source: PrestaShop blog



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