How to clean and optimize your PrestaShop database

I have seen a lot of PrestaShop stores, especially older stores that after a couple of upgrades, couple of moths of statistics, and the database becomes sluggish and overburdened.

That’s why we need to keep our database in top notch! If you keep your database optimized, your store will respond faster. We all know that customers love fast websites. Therefore maintaining your PrestaShop database in good shape is good for your conversions too!

However we have two good modules to do the job for us. They are “PrestaShop Database Optimization module” and “PrestaShop Cleaner module”. The modules are already mentioned in our “Top 10 FREE PrestaShop modules you should be using in 2019” if you didn’t read it don’t miss out.

PrestaShop Cleaner Module

PrestaShop Cleaner Module

Use this module to get rid of database integrity problems and to clean the tables. You can also fix wrong ID’s and empty or missing fields automatically. PrestaShop team developed this module. Be aware not to accidentally press on “Orders and customers” or “Catalog” as this will DELETE all your store data.

The module doesn’t come preinstalled with your PrestaShop by default, so find the module in your PrestaShop back office – module catalog.

PrestaShop Database Optimization module

PrestaShop Database Optimization module

Over time your store will collect some statistics like unwanted carts, guests and connection information. This module is completely free and easy to use, therefore PrestaShop Database Optimization module is great for the job. My recommendation is to use it monthly to clean your database from unwanted statistics. You can download the module here


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