PrestaShop Tutorials

How to create PrestaShop Apple Touch icon, Android icon, Windows 10 tile icon Firefox and Chrome shortcut icons and favicon

Many PrestaShop users don't know, or are not aware that favicon is just one icon format from many.

PrestaShop recommended server requirements and PHP settings

Not every PrestaShop user is a system administrator and knows how to properly configure and set up their PrestaShop stores, but don't worry, we will cover this in this article.

Where to find PrestaShop Database config file location?

Since PrestaShop 1.7, the config file location has changed. Moreover many people are wondering around looking for the right config file location.

How to enable PrestaShop Debug Mode

By default in PrestaShop debug mode is disabled, so even if there are errors and problems you might not be able to see them at all.

How to clear PrestaShop cache

To Clear PrestaShop cache especially when you are working with your store and configuring settings its important.

How to setup and receive PayPal payments in PrestaShop 1.7.x

PayPal is very famous payment system used by over 267 million people world wide (statistics updated 1/1/2019). It is very easy to use and secure system to pay and accept payments.

Must Read

PrestaShop vs WooCommerce: Practical comparison

Many of my acquaintances and friends ask me if they should use WooCommerce instead of PrestaShop for their store.